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These tenants found their perfect office space with The Anderson Group.


Professionalism, Location, and Services
I care deeply about providing outstanding client service. So the comfort and appearance of my business location is very important to me. The offices at 125 Wolf Road reflect the professionalism I bring to my business.”

I was attracted first and foremost by the convenience this location offers for my clients. It’s located less than five minutes off of the Northway (I-87), in a central location easily accessible for clients from all over the Capital Region. Parking is free and plentiful. And Wolf Road is an important corridor of restaurants and retail shopping, so it’s convenient for clients to come do other business when they come to meet with me.

I find it convenient to have The Anderson Group process my outgoing mail, and appreciate the availability of a large high-tech conference room. They can help arrange whatever level of Internet service you need from the offerings of Verizon and Time Warner. It’s also important to me that I can come in here on weekends, which I do almost every weekend.

I’ve also gotten to know other tenants in the building, which helps to make it a very friendly and warm place to work.
– Registered financial advisor Paul R. Loucks
   Tenant since 2003 at 125 Wolf Road

“I wanted to take a few moments to say thank you and let you know how helpful you and your team have been to us. When we began our search 6 months ago to look for functional office space for our expanding Accounting office you provided us with several options. After a detailed inspection of each site with Greg it was determined our desires were fairly unique. Nevertheless, you were determined to meet our needs. We ended up finding two of your offices adjacent to each other that could possibly work. However building modifications were needed. Not only did your staff suggest their services for a professional up fit, they also offered to build the cost of the modifications into the lease. A few weeks after signing the lease, the space we wanted but could find nowhere else, was in fact delivered ahead of schedule and below budget. I can’t say enough about how effective your team was and what the impact of the added space has been on our efficiency. Please pass on my sincere appreciation to you and your staff.” – Donald Strollo, President
   Albany RV / RVDirect Group, Inc

Responsive, Professional Staff
Our staff are very happy here. When we moved in we had The Anderson Group help us optimize the space for ease and productivity. We had them reconfigure the space to be more efficient, including adding a new kitchen/breakroom and improving the entryway. We also built extra offices so we are ready to expand when we need to.

The staff involved in the setup and the design were exceptional. Designer Amanda Watkinson really knew her stuff and how to take care of a customer. She used AutoCad drawings to easily illustrate the new layout and provided great options for all finishes including devising a beautiful etching treatment for the front door frame that came out really nicely.

All of The Anderson Group staff are very responsive, friendly, and professional.
– Jan Marie Chesterton, President
   New York State Hospitality & Tourism

“I have been a tenant in one of the Anderson Group’s buildings for a number of years. In my business, quality and presentation is imperative to success – as well as location. The building is impeccably maintained and the staff is great and so pleasant. You never have to ask a second time for anything! I credit Anderson Group with being part of my business success – thank you.” – Dan Moran, President & Founder
   Next-Act Career Management & Transition Specialists

“Professional staff, first class office/meeting facilities and the close proximity to dining, hotels and the Albany Airport are the main reasons that I have remained a tenant at 125 Wolf Road for 20+ years. Over these past years many friendships and business clients have been established with other tenants. The Anderson Family pays great attention to detail and will accommodate your business needs.” Robert Lynn, Lynn Associates, Inc.

“The Anderson Group is responsive, and I think that matters a lot.” – Larry Rogers, tenant 12 years
   Delaware Engineering

“They’re great people. I like being in this building.” – Michael Kolanach, tenant for 8 years
   Bank of Bennington