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How Much Office Space Do You Need?

The Anderson Group’s Free Smart Office Audit™ Improves Space Utilization for Albany NY Businesses

business people plan office spaceOne of the most difficult questions for growing businesses to answer is how much office space they really need. Industry studies predict a gradual trend toward smaller workspaces per employee, driven by economic concerns, by trends towards flexible remote work arrangements, and by more firms adopting collaborative team spaces and healthier, more productive environments.

This year the Anderson Group LLC began helping companies determine optimal space utilization with a free Smart Office Audit™. Available to any business located in the Albany, NY area or considering relocation here, the Smart Office Audit™ is an easy way to match your business objectives with your office space and productivity requirements. One of our efficiency experts will visit with you and identify your business goals, current and projected workforce needs, and environment or productivity issues that may be arising in your current space. We will tour your existing office, if you have one, and look carefully at everything from office layout to energy efficiency, common area usage, storage needs, lighting and air quality.

Susan Anderson Touhey, Managing Partner of The Anderson Group LLC, explains, “We do a Smart Office Audit for companies whether or not they are looking at space in one of our office buildings. We see it as an opportunity to build long-term relationships and help companies improve their office space efficiency. And we have so much expertise in-house it makes sense that we share our knowledge. We can go in and look at your office and identify what’s working and what’s not working and make immediate recommendations. The solution may be as simple as reconfiguring the office a little bit to make it function better. It may be making recommendations for energy or lighting changes to improve worker productivity and comfort as well as save companies money. In many cases, we can advise business owners that they don’t need more space – they just need to make better use of current space.”

When determining office space needs and layout, Touhey said, it’s difficult for most business owners to visualize what a space could look like. Anderson’s experienced in-house property management and design staff have the experience and the tools to create effective floor plans quickly, saving business owners time and money and helping them maximize office productivity.

“Most people can’t visualize what an office space could look like because there are already walls in place, it’s not actually wide open,” Touhey explained. “We’ll create AutoCad floor plans for them at no cost and show them how they would fit into that office space, with the exact needs and specifications they require” she explained.

Request your free Smart Office Audit here, or call 518-458-7726.

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