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Are you spending too much on office space that doesn’t fit your needs?

Smart Office Audit™Consider a Smart Office Audit™ from The Anderson Group.

  • An expert assessment of your current office environment and future needs, including workflow, space usage, amenities, energy efficiency, leasing costs, and technology requirements
  • Recommendations to optimize your existing office environment
  • A list of exactly what to look for in a new location if it’s time to move
  • A trusted business partner with 40+ years’ experience creating productive, pleasing and efficient work environments for small businesses
Results from the Smart Office Audit™
  • The Anderson Group has helped companies save thousands of dollars a month by making changes to their current office space.
  • A Smart Office Audit can show a company how to save up to 20% of current occupancy costs.
  • The Anderson Group Smart Office Audit has helped to identify ways to retrofit, sublet, downsize and renegotiate contracts with landlords.
  • The Anderson Group Smart Office Audit helped one company save $50,000 per year by retrofitting lighting fixtures.

A Smart Office Audit is a smart business move.

Office space needs today are very different than they were 10 years ago. Some companies are downsizing or smart sizing and have much more office space than they need. Many businesses are looking for more collaborative and open floor plans that require less space per employee. And all companies want to be sure they are getting the most for their money and are looking for more cost effective energy, technology and maintenance solutions.

The Anderson Group understands the unique needs of small business and that a company's office environment can directly impact their business productivity and profitability. We are not trying to force companies into cookie cutter spaces that may or may not meet their needs. Instead we are helping companies first figure out what they do need for their business situation and how to get the most from their office space.

The Smart Office Audit™ is for any business that might be considering a move or just trying to make the most of their current space.

For businesses considering moving or trying to make more of their current space visit or call 518.458.7726.