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The Anderson Group Offers The Suite Life to Harry and Helene (Kushner)

For more than 34 years, Harry Kushner and his wife, Helene, have occupied executive suites in The Anderson Group’s 125 Wolf Road office building. Their current suite, Room 503-4, is a 120-square-foot (that’s 10ft x 12 feet) corner office with sweeping views of Wolf Road and Computer Drive East. This particular suite has been home to the Kushners’ thriving real estate and brokerage business for 13 years—a space Harry calls their “penthouse.”

Married for 55 years and business partners for nearly as long, the Kushners have carved out one of the area’s most successful real estate and business brokerage firms. And even though the two of them could easily work from home, they say it’s simply not an option.

“There are too many enticements and distractions at home,” Harry explains. “The executive suite gives us a business presence. It gives us an opportunity to meet and be around other business people. It just doesn’t feel like we are ‘going to work’ when we work from home.”

Harry said they also benefit from their location in the middle of a busy business corridor. And they enjoy their proximity to area restaurants. He said they once counted 67 eating establishments from one end of Wolf Road to the other, and they frequent six or seven of them.

“This building [125 Wolf Road] carries prestige. It’s a flagship building that’s easy to find and get to,” Harry says. “We also appreciate having access to the building’s conference room and audio visual equipment, and the ease of parking. My only problem is that I never remember where I parked my car.”

But at age 77, Harry says he and Helene, 75, have no intention of retiring.

“Working keeps us young. You rust out earlier than you wear out,” Harry says. “Retirement is a dirty word.”

He knows. He tried it.

A former real-estate developer, Harry “retired” on Friday, January 10, 1997 after his final and most difficult closing. He says he gave The Anderson Group notice that he was closing up shop and would begin emptying out his office the following Monday, although he warned it would take him a month to finish. He spent that month skiing, playing basketball, and traveling. But he quickly realized that, for him, retirement wasn’t an option.

“Playing around all the time wasn’t as fun as I thought it was going to be. I called the Anderson Group at the end of that month and said, ‘Susan, I changed my mind. Don’t rent out our office after all,’” Harry recalls.

So Harry and Helene returned to their executive suite and went back to business. He earned his real estate license and brokerage certification a few months later, and business has been booming ever since.

Harry says work keeps their minds active, and they take continuing education courses to stay on top of business trends. But they also take time out to pursue other interests. For Harry, it’s woodworking, gardening, and bike riding, while Helene enjoys tennis, walking, and playing cards with friends.

“The Anderson Group’s executive suites fit a niche for any small business or regional office that wants a professional, centrally located environment,” Harry says. “The Anderson Group is better than sliced bread. After 34 years, they’re like family, and this is like a second home.”

For more information about Harry Kushner, The Business Broker, visit For more information about The Anderson Group’s executive suites and other commercial properties, visit

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Team Work. Dream Job. The Anderson Group

Team Work. Dream Job.

Employee Profile: Dave Eck, Maintenance Manager, The Anderson Group 

There isn’t much that Dave Eck, The Anderson Group’s maintenance manager, hasn’t seen. And it’s his sense of adventure—and the thrill of facing a challenge—that keeps him coming back for more.

A Slingerlands native, Dave’s long resume includes supervisory roles at restaurants, ambulance companies, and country clubs from Texas to New York. Dave also served for more than 20 years in the Slingerlands Fire Department (five of them as commissioner) and has been a member of the New York State Urban Search and Rescue team.

The Anderson Group was fortunate to land Dave in March of 2011. Dave immediately implemented a team approach in the company’s maintenance department, ensuring that his department worked seamlessly with other Anderson departments, from housekeeping to legal and administration. A self-described “working supervisor,” Dave is a hands-on manager who earned his team’s respect from the ground up—mowing, cleaning bathrooms, and responding to tenant calls right along with them.

Dave’s responsibilities span properties from Saratoga to Selkirk and everywhere in between. On Wolf Road alone, Dave coordinates maintenance activities for 10 properties. He’s also responsible for nine properties on Madison and Washington Avenue Extensions, as well as one property in Selkirk one in Saratoga Springs.

“What do I do? You name it,” Dave says with a smile. “My job as maintenance manager is customer service, and everybody is my customer—my guys, my tenants, and my bosses. Our job is to keep everybody happy.”

His “guys,” as Dave affectionately refers to them, are made up of 13 maintenance professionals, including six qualified technicians proficient in HVAC, plumbing and electric. And he’s pretty proud of them.

“Most of our tenants know my guys by name. And I make it a point to know my guys. They’re good people who work hard and know their stuff,” Dave says. “When you know your guys, you can use them to their—and your tenants’ and company’s—best advantage.”

One such advantage is The Anderson Group’s business partnership with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). In fact, The Anderson Group is the only property management company with maintenance professionals who have earned certification through NYSERDA’s Quality Maintenance (QM) Program.

Anderson’s participation in the QM Program signifies the company’s heavy investment in the two biggest utility cost drivers—HVAC systems and lighting.

With Dave at the helm, trained Anderson technicians use diagnostic tools and national quality-maintenance standards to ensure that its HVAC and lighting systems operate at peak performance and improve their (and their tenants’) bottom line. Last year, The Anderson Group’s team conducted 65 tests throughout nine Anderson-owned buildings, resulting in an estimated savings of more than 400,000 kWh. By the end of 2014, The Anderson team will have conducted more than 125 tests across all of its properties. Testing is also provided to tenants who take advantage of Anderson’s property management services.

“This maintenance program saves energy, reduces costs, and maximizes office efficiency,” Dave says. “It helps our tenants avoid costly repairs during heating season and run greener and cleaner all year long. We’re proud to be the only property management company in the state to offer this, and our team is well qualified.”

As maintenance manager, Dave is on call 24/7—ready to respond to emergencies and routine matters alike. He’s also in charge of the company’s safety plans and procedures and is constantly improving tenant and employee safety alike.

“We’re always busy,” Dave says, “but I wouldn’t trade this job for the world.”














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The Albany Pine Bush Offers Tenants Far More than Office Space

For Delaware Engineering, PC, The Anderson Group’s commercial office space properties on Madison Avenue Extension offer the best of both worlds: a location with convenient access to major roads and highways that is tucked away in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, one of the nation’s most unique and endangered natural communities. (And recently designated a National Natural Landmark by the U.S. Department of Interior.)

From right to left: Larry Rogers, president of Delaware Engineering, Susan Olivares, Office Manager and two part time employees

From right to left: Larry Rogers, president of Delaware Engineering, Susan Olivares, Office Manager and two part time employees


“We never set out with the idea that we’d find a place next to the Pine Bush, but when we found this office location, the Pine Bush did factor into our decision to lease here,” says Lawrence Rogers, P.E., president of Delaware Engineering.


Delaware Engineering, a leading provider of water, sewer, environmental, and municipal engineering services, takes matters of environmental protection seriously—on and off the clock. So it should come as no surprise that Rogers and his colleagues take year-round advantage of their Pine Bush office location. During lunchtime, and before or after work, you’ll find Delaware Engineering employees walking, jogging, snowshoeing and cross-county skiing the Pine Bush’s nearly 18 miles of marked, multiple-use trails. Rogers says he keeps his snowshoes ready and waiting behind his office door.


The Delaware Engineering team also enjoys eating lunch and barbequing on their patio, which overlooks the Pine Bush Preserve. And its employees make sure to keep their bird feeders filled—a detail that doesn’t go unnoticed by many of the preserve’s more than 90 bird species. (The Albany Pine Bush is a designated New York State Bird Conservation Area.)


The firm’s manager of corporate operations, John Brust, even serves on the Pine Bush Commission, a public/private partnership that works with landowners and municipal, state, federal and others to protect, restore and manage the Albany Pine Bush’s natural and cultural resources.


But Rogers is quick to point out that his company’s Pine Bush office location suits them for more reasons than proximity to the Pine Bush alone. “There’s more to this location than just heading out and hitting the trails,” says Rogers.


Since moving into 28 Madison Avenue Extension in 1998, Delaware Engineering has grown from an office of 10 people to one with more than 50 professionals spread throughout their Albany, Oneonta, and Walton, New York office locations. Rogers said The Anderson Group ensured that their Albany office space was “move-in ready” so the growing firm could hit the ground running. He said The Anderson Group was also flexible and responsive to their space needs, enabling Delaware Engineering to expand its space as the company itself expanded.


And although some companies prefer to be located on busy, heavily trafficked corridors, Rogers said that he and his colleagues are happy to be somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle.


“We like that we’re not located right in the middle of downtown or on a busy road. We have lots of parking right outside our door, and we’re close enough to Western Avenue, Central Avenue, and Washington Avenue Extension that we can get where we need to go quickly and easily,” Rogers says. “We serve a lot of surrounding communities, including the Towns of Guilderland, Bethlehem, and Colonie, so our location is perfect for accessing our client base.”


As for the company’s long-term plans, Rogers says they have no intention of leaving their Pine Bush location anytime soon.


“The Anderson Group provides us with a great property, and they are very responsive to all of our needs, which is extremely important to us,” Rogers says. “They don’t mess around, and they keep this place in great shape.”


For more information about The Anderson Group’s Albany Pine Bush properties at Madison Avenue Extension, call 518.458.7726 or email

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The Anderson Group Corners the (Farmers) Market on Commercial Property Management Services

The Anderson Group commerical property management

The Capital District Farmers Market is in full bloom

For more than 75 years, the Capital District Cooperative (commonly known as The Capital District Farmers Market in Menands) has given upstate New York farmers and food distributors the opportunity to connect directly to retailers and consumers. But after 85 years of managing its 11 buildings and nearly 30 acres on its own, the organization turned to Albany, NY commercial property management company The Anderson Group for its commercial property management services.

Ralph Douty, president of the Capital District Cooperative, spent nine years on the organization’s board of directors before assuming the presidency. He said that by 2013, the organization was ready to hire a professional property management company that could more efficiently and effectively handle a large, multi-use property.

“We invited The Anderson Group to our office to meet the board, and every single person was impressed with their capabilities,” says Douty. “They do what they do best, which is making sure our properties run smoothly, so we can focus on what we do best, which is providing an important service to local farmers and businesses. It’s a perfect partnership.”

Douty, who was born and raised on his family farm on Wolf Road (the last of which was sold off in 1995 and now houses Red Lobster, The Olive Garden, and other Wolf Road businesses), has a long history with and is heavily invested in the Capital District Farmers Market and its success.

“I used to come down to the Farmers Market with my grandfather when I was seven years old,” reflects Douty. “This place has been part of my life since the 1950s. I want to make sure that the Farmers Market keeps growing and improving.”


The Farmers Market is home to The Capital District Cooperative, but it’s also home to a host of tenants, including Adventure in Food Trading, a wholesale distributor of fine culinary specialties and exotic game; D. Brickman Inc., purveyor of produce, seafood and cheese; DNT Express, a wine and spirits distributor; Audio Video Corporation, provider of broadcast and presentation systems equipment; CDL Driving School; Saginaw Lumber; and flower, fruit, and produce farmers.

Douty says that despite the property’s diverse mix of businesses and uses, his tenants have few, if any, complaints. He said The Anderson Group’s property management professionals check in with him on a daily basis and serve as a seamless extension of the Cooperative’s internal team.

The Anderson Group’s commercial property management role at the Farmers Market includes providing general facility management, negotiating leases and contracts with new tenants, performing major property repairs, and managing the organization’s billing, rent collection, and budgeting. But companies that partner with The Anderson Group’s property management professionals can benefit from additional value-added services, including housekeeping, landscaping and grounds maintenance, financial reporting, HVAC services, electrical and plumbing services, life safety, space planning, interior design, and construction management.

“This property is being managed very efficiently. The Anderson Group is responsive and easy to work with. They’re straight up and honest, and they find a way to get things done. I can’t say enough good things about them,” says Douty. “There’s no one better. The Anderson Group is the real deal.”

For information about the Capital District Farmers Market in Menands, including market hours, visit or call (518) 465-1023.


For more information about The Anderson Group, visit or call (518) 458-7726.

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Hudson Solar to Install Solar Panels at 125 Wolf Road

sunpower_25_header1Hudson Solar is a fast-growing solar design and installation firm serving clients from Rhinebeck to Queensbury and east into the Berkshires and southern Vermont. The family-owned firm, founded in Rhinebeck NY in 2002, has completed over 1000 solar installations in residences, businesses, non-profit organizations, and government facilities.

In the next few months, it will add The Anderson Group Executive Suites office building at 125 Wolf Road to that impressive list.

“We have been planning this with the management team at The Anderson Group for some time,” explained Hudson Solar partner John Wright, who heads the firms Capital Region operation. “We have all of the equipment in and will be starting the installation in the next 90 days.”

According to Wright, the installation will yield savings over 25 years totaling $190,000 for The Anderson Group.

Andy Anderson, managing partner with The Anderson Group, said that the investment is part of the firm’s multi-million dollar building upgrade program, and reflects the company’s commitment to energy efficiency. “We are determined to provide the most efficient and productive office space for our tenants,” he explained. “We’re continually improving all of our properties. ”

Scalability: Having Room to Grow

Wright knows the Wolf Road building well, because he selected it to be Hudson Solar’s Albany headquarters when he first brought the business to the region three years ago.

“I was looking for a space close to the major highways,” he explained, “with shared services such as a receptionist and conference room, and the scalability to let me easily change offices as we grew.”

The clincher, said Wright, was that he also required warehousing space, which Anderson was able to provide only one block from the office. “

Wright moved into a small, 250 square foot office in May of 2010 with five employees. Within 18 months he had doubled his staff and moved into an 800 square foot space in the same building twice that size. Today he occupies a corner office totaling 1900 square feet and employs 20 workers.

“It’s been really great to have the flexibility to be able to scale relatively inexpensively without major hassles for our group,” he explained. “The Anderson Group made it easy for us to move into this building and set up our fleet operations out of their warehouse. And as we’ve expanded, they’ve moved us each time.”

According to Wright, the firm still takes advantage of the 125 Wolf Road building’s shared services. “Even though we now have our own conference room, we still use the shared services The Anderson Group provides,” he explained. “For larger meetings, it’s great to have a large conference room with Internet, projector, and computer. And we use the shared receptionist service to help us with faxing and mailings.”

“On a day-to-day level, the team at The Anderson Group is phenomenal,” he continued. “They’ve been very, very, very flexible to work with. You can tell they run a well-oiled machine because they have good systems and controls and processes. Nothing falls through the cracks. When we need something done, they get it done immediately.”

For information on Hudson Solar, visit or call (518) 520-0459.

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