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The Anderson Group is Proud to be a Part of the Largest Donation Given to Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Receives Largest Radiothon Donation in its History

The Anderson Group makes mahor donation to teh Rpnald McDonald House in Albany NY

Andy Anderson (left of Ronald) looks on as the Ronald McDonald House accepts the largest donation given during its radiothon. The Anderson Group was one of three companies that made the donation of a new vehicle for the Ronald McDonald House in Albany NY

Ronald McDonald Hosue Receives a Donated Vehicle

The Ronald McDonald House of Albany NY receives largest radiothon donation in its history. And the Anderson Group is proud to be a contributor to a very worthy cause.

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The Anderson Group Helps Offices Fight Cold and Flu

Cold and Flu Season is here. Is Your Office Ready?

The Anderson Group Property Management

Ty Woodard, Housekeeping Manager
The Anderson Group

The days are colder, the nights are longer, and the noses are … runnier. As cold and flu season kicks into high gear, it’s time to up the ante in the battle against germs. And since most American workers spend 8-10 hours a day in the office, practicing good office hygiene is a logical place to start.

Studies show that the average person touches 300 surfaces every 30 minutes, exposing themselves to 840,000 germs. You can probably name a dozen things you and your colleagues touch in your office on any given day: the conference table, the break room faucet, the refrigerator door handle, doorknobs, copier buttons, desks, your phone …. not to mention the bathroom.

According to research conducted by Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a microbiologist from the University of Arizona, an office cubicle is the germiest place in the workplace. The average office desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat, and your desk phone contains approximately 25,100 microbes per square inch. Some viruses can even live on surfaces for up to a week.

Reaching for the disinfecting wipes? Good idea. At The Anderson Group, our housekeeping team does a thorough job of wiping down common areas, such as kitchens, lobbies, hallways, and public restrooms,  as part of our routine cleaning schedule. But we don’t invade anyone’s personal office space other than   to empty the trash. This means germs and bacteria need to be fought on a personal level … yours.

Want to reduce your likelihood of catching your coworker’s illness or prevent your employees from developing work-related diseases? Ty Woodard, housekeeping manager for The Anderson Group, suggests following these basic protocols:

  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol when hand washing isn’t an option.
  • Use your own mug (versus a shared office mug), and wash it at the end of each day with dish soap and a paper towel.
  • Avoid using the communal kitchen sponge or dish wand, which harbors as many as 10 million bacteria per square inch.
  • Disinfect shared office surfaces, such as shared computer keyboards and phones, regularly.
  • Keep your workspace clean, including your keyboard, phone, stapler, and computer mouse, with sanitizing wipes.
  • Stay home if you’re sick, or go home as soon as possible if you begin to feel sick at work.
  • Offer or take advantage of an employee flu vaccination clinic in your office. Many corporate health insurance plans will cover the full cost of such clinics.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best way to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated each year, but good health habits like getting plenty of sleep, exercise and fluids, as well as eating well and managing stress, can go a long way toward staying healthy during cold and flu season.

“The Anderson Group’s general cleaning process is quite comprehensive,” Woodard says, “but the healthiest office workers are the ones who take their health into their own hands and take extra precautions to guard against spreading and catching germs.”

For information about The Anderson Group, contact Susan Anderson Touhey at 518-458-7726 or visit




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8 Questions to Ask Before Leasing Commercial Office Space

The Anderson Group's Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson of The Anderson Group

Expert Advice on Leasing Commercial Office Space

Leasing commercial office space is a big step for your businesses, so it’s important that you do your due diligence. Greg Anderson, partner at The Anderson Group, offers answers to the top eight questions prospective tenants should ask when considering an office space move.

  1. How much space does my business need?

There are general industry guidelines for commercial office space (i.e., 150 square feet for a standard office and 25 square feet for a standard cubicle), but these guidelines fail to account for the corridors and common areas included in most leases. The best way to determine your business’s size requirements is hiring a space planner who can help you visualize your space based on your unique business needs and workflow. A good commercial developer / property management company may offer this service for free, saving you time, money, and the hassle of hiring an architect or space planner who must develop unique plans for each office building you’re considering.

  1. Should I rent the square footage my business needs now, or find space with room to grow?

Unless you know for sure that your business will grow significantly in the near future, it makes sense to rent only the space you need now. In many instances, when a tenant realizes substantial or unexpected growth, property management companies are happy to place that tenant in a larger space without penalty. Your ability to expand will depend upon the building you’re in. Ask for “right of first refusal” if space adjacent to yours becomes available.

  1. Can I make improvements and modifications to my office space?

In many cases, new office space is either “plain vanilla” (unfinished walls and floors) or is tailored to the previous tenant’s needs. In either case, you likely will want updates and modifications to bring the space to your standards. Many property management companies will price your construction requests and amortize the amount over the length of your lease. Some will give you an allowance per square foot (typically around $2 per square foot per year) that you can use to complete construction with an approved contractor. Your best-case scenario is finding a property management company that offers free construction management services and will invest the time to help you customize your space on time and on budget.

  1. How can I make sure this space supports my brand?

Many business owners hire interior designers to ensure that their office space supports their brand. A good commercial real estate developer / property management company provides professional interior design services free of charge to prospective tenants. Whether you want an open office layout or individual offices, or specific wallpaper, paint, lighting, furniture and carpet, experienced in-house designers can help you tailor your space to fit your business needs and ensure that your space sends the right message about your company.

  1. Does the office space meet my technology needs?

Most commercial properties today offer a variety of networking options, such as cable, DSL, T1s and fiber. Tenants whose business practices demand heavy bandwidth should verify that potential properties have the infrastructure to support their business needs.

  1. How do I know if I’m choosing the right location for my business?

You’ve heard it before: in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. And where you locate your office may depend upon the type of business you operate. Do you need a central location close to airports and train stations to accommodate out-of-town clients and heavy business travel? Do you need to be near major highways or bus lines to make it easier for your employees to get to work? Are ample parking and proximity to shopping and restaurants important? Or are you looking for a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle? Consider all of your options and weigh the pros and cons of each property before you zero in on the one that’s best for your business. You’ll be glad you did.

  1. What is included in my rent? 

What is included in your commercial rent will vary dramatically from company to company. Many property management companies offer modified gross leases, which means you’ll be charged a base rent, plus an additional fee per square foot. When you sign a modified gross lease, items such as utilities, housekeeping, maintenance, and insurance are often additional—and can significantly add to the cost of your rent. A modified gross lease can also mean that you’ll be financially responsible for major mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues. Don’t like surprises? Find a property management company that offers full gross leases, which means you pay a base lease with everything included.

  1. Is the property owner trustworthy?

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you’ve done your homework on the property owner and/or property management group. Is the owner creditworthy?

Does the owner have a good reputation? Are they responsive? What kinds of security measures are in place? Is the property up to code and ADA compliant? Be sure to ask, and don’t be afraid to ask other building tenants. A reputable property management company has nothing to hide.

For more information, or to begin searching for your commercial office space, email Greg Anderson at or call 518.458.7726.

About The Anderson Group

The Anderson Group is a full-service real estate management, development, and brokerage firm offering premiere commercial real estate across the Capital Region of New York. Experts in office-space efficiency, productivity, and profitability, The Anderson Group offers leases with flexible terms tailored to fit your needs. All leases include utilities, housekeeping, construction services, space planning, interior design services and more.






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The Anderson Group Offers A Suite Solution

Executive Suites Albany NY

Bill Petersen
Publisher of The Renters Guide

The Anderson Group’s executive suites answer an area publisher’s office needs

When Bill Petersen, owner and publisher of The Renters Guide and 55+ Living Guide, opened for business 25 years ago, he wasn’t quite ready to commit to his own office space. So he shared space with other businesses, procuring an unused corner here, an empty cubical there. As his business grew, however, he knew he needed his own place—and his own presence. He turned to The Anderson Group.

The Anderson Group responded to Petersen’s needs with an executive office suite in their 292 Washington Avenue Extension property. The 500-square-foot, two-room suite provided Petersen with cost-effective, private office space in a commercial office building he shared with other businesses. That was 12 years ago…and Petersen is still successfully publishing his magazines from that same suite.

“Most of the people who were in this building when I moved in more than a decade ago are still here. There’s very little turnover,” Petersen says. “Anderson buildings give us a prominent address and the support we need to project a professional image and focus on business.”

What’s more, The Anderson Group’s executive suites at 125 Wolf Road offer receptionist service, voicemail, administrative support, fax and copy machine usage, mail drop, daily FedEx pickup, and use of a conference room with a flat-screen television, computer and Internet connectivity. They even offer on-site amenities such as food services and banking, a central location near major highways, restaurants, and the airport, and ample free parking.

Why consider an executive suite for your business? Executive suites can help you:

  • Make a good impression. Executive suites give your business a professional address and image in ways a home office cannot. Anderson’s executive suites feature renovated common areas, energy-efficient lighting, and free parking.
  • Do more. Spend less. Shared building amenities, such as conference and training-room facilities, video conferencing equipment, kitchens, restrooms, and copy rooms can lower your cost of doing business and improve your bottom line.
  • Downsize. Your size. Anderson’s executive suites range from 100 to 1,500 square feet, and our flexible leasing terms make it easy to grow or downsize, as needed. Short-term leases are also available to accommodate your changing business needs—an ideal solution for small companies, satellite offices, and start-ups.
  • Maintain your focus, not your building. Because The Anderson Group takes care of all housekeeping, landscaping, maintenance, and administration, you can focus your time and energy on your business, not your building.
  • Make friends in all the right places. Sharing a commercial office building with other like-minded professionals can lead to networking and social opportunities that help you build, promote, and improve your business.

Ready to make a move? For more information about The Anderson Group’s executive suite options and locations, contact Susan Anderson Touhey at 518-458-7726 or

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The Anderson Group Offers The Suite Life to Harry and Helene (Kushner)

The Anderson Group offers the "Suite Life" to Harry and Helene Kushner. For more than 34 years, Harry Kushner and his wife, Helene, have occupied executive suites in The Anderson Group’s 125 Wolf Road office building

For more than 34 years, Harry Kushner and his wife, Helene, have occupied executive suites in The Anderson Group’s 125 Wolf Road office building

For more than 34 years, Harry Kushner and his wife, Helene, have occupied executive suites in The Anderson Group’s 125 Wolf Road office building. Their current suite, Room 503-4, is a 120-square-foot (that’s 10ft x 12 feet) corner office with sweeping views of Wolf Road and Computer Drive East. This particular suite has been home to the Kushners’ thriving real estate and brokerage business for 13 years—a space Harry calls their “penthouse.”

Married for 55 years and business partners for nearly as long, the Kushners have carved out one of the area’s most successful real estate and business brokerage firms. And even though the two of them could easily work from home, they say it’s simply not an option.

“There are too many enticements and distractions at home,” Harry explains. “The executive suite gives us a business presence. It gives us an opportunity to meet and be around other business people. It just doesn’t feel like we are ‘going to work’ when we work from home.”

Harry said they also benefit from their location in the middle of a busy business corridor. And they enjoy their proximity to area restaurants. He said they once counted 67 eating establishments from one end of Wolf Road to the other, and they frequent six or seven of them.

“This building [125 Wolf Road] carries prestige. It’s a flagship building that’s easy to find and get to,” Harry says. “We also appreciate having access to the building’s conference room and audio visual equipment, and the ease of parking. My only problem is that I never remember where I parked my car.”

But at age 77, Harry says he and Helene, 75, have no intention of retiring.

“Working keeps us young. You rust out earlier than you wear out,” Harry says. “Retirement is a dirty word.”

He knows. He tried it.

A former real-estate developer, Harry “retired” on Friday, January 10, 1997 after his final and most difficult closing. He says he gave The Anderson Group notice that he was closing up shop and would begin emptying out his office the following Monday, although he warned it would take him a month to finish. He spent that month skiing, playing basketball, and traveling. But he quickly realized that, for him, retirement wasn’t an option.

“Playing around all the time wasn’t as fun as I thought it was going to be. I called the Anderson Group at the end of that month and said, ‘Susan, I changed my mind. Don’t rent out our office after all,’” Harry recalls.

So Harry and Helene returned to their executive suite and went back to business. He earned his real estate license and brokerage certification a few months later, and business has been booming ever since.

Harry says work keeps their minds active, and they take continuing education courses to stay on top of business trends. But they also take time out to pursue other interests. For Harry, it’s woodworking, gardening, and bike riding, while Helene enjoys tennis, walking, and playing cards with friends.

“The Anderson Group’s executive suites fit a niche for any small business or regional office that wants a professional, centrally located environment,” Harry says. “The Anderson Group is better than sliced bread. After 34 years, they’re like family, and this is like a second home.”

For more information about Harry Kushner, The Business Broker, visit For more information about The Anderson Group’s executive suites and other commercial properties, visit

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