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A Time for Thankfulness

thankfulnessIt’s difficult to believe, but the holidays are upon us once again. (If major retailers are to be believed, the holidays have actually been upon us since August.)

All of the hustle and bustle, shopping and traveling on our calendars this month threaten to make it easy to lose sight of what matters most. We won’t let that happen.

So as Thanksgiving fast approaches, we at The Anderson Group give heartfelt thanks to the many people who make each workday enjoyable and productive and who help keep The Anderson Group the Capital Region’s premier real estate management, development, and brokerage company.

A sincere thank you to our loyal tenants who put their trust in us to provide safe, comfortable, professional office space day in and day out. We work hard to earn your trust, and we look forward to serving you and your businesses for years to come.

To our more than 40 employees, we thank you for your tireless efforts and dedication to The Anderson Group. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that The Anderson Group would not be what it is today without your commitment, enthusiasm and innumerable talents. Thank you, one and all.

Lastly, we give thanks for being part of New York’s vibrant Capital Region—a community rich with opportunity, kindness and generosity of spirit. We are truly grateful to live and work here.

We wish you and your family a happy, peaceful Thanksgiving.



Greg,  Susan and Andy Anderson


The Anderson Group

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5 Ways to Turn Fellow Executive Office Suite Tenants Into Business Leads

executive office suiteFor some, moving from a “free” home-based office to a leased executive office suite feels like risky business. But working among other start-ups, small businesses and sole proprietors can pay big dividends—and the rent.

If you’re considering a move to an “official” office, executive office suites can be the ideal first move. In addition to reaping the benefits of shared conference rooms, technology, and other amenities (housekeeping, landscaping, and building maintenance, to name a few), you’ll be working next door/down the hall/upstairs from other businesses who may just need what your business has to offer. And vice versa.

Need a nudge? We’ve compiled a few ideas for getting to know your business neighbors—and their business needs:

  1. Walk the walk. Take a stroll around your office building and introduce yourself to other tenants. Some eye contact, a firm handshake, and a business card can open the door to future conversations.  You might even provide a free sample of your product or a discount on your services for those occupying your building.
  1. Talk the talk. You never know what kinds of teaming opportunities lay right outside your doorstep. Engineers and builders. Publishers and graphic designers. Marketing consultants and tech startups. Attorneys and accountants. The pairings are endless. And so are the chances to promote—and use—one another’s businesses.
  1. Get social. Subscribe to the news and Twitter feeds, business Facebook pages, and LinkedIn profiles of other tenants in your building (and ask them to return the favor). It’s a great—and easy—way to network with your neighbors—and their networks. These small strategies can add up.
  1. Network. Work with your landlord or property management company to organize a building networking luncheon in a shared conference room or kitchen area. Or organize a more casual outing for after-hours drinks at a nearby establishment to learn about your peers in a more informal setting.
  1. Be prepared. When you work in an executive suite building, you’ll get foot traffic throughout the day. Be prepared. With a professional-looking office. An elevator speech. Business cards. Handouts that succinctly detail your business. Whether the passersby are other tenants or clients of other tenants, a quick pop in is a distinct possibility.

We’re not suggesting you adopt a game-show host persona and harass your fellow tenants. But done correctly, intra-office networking can be a powerful tool in your business development arsenal. And it can lead to lasting, fruitful connections and friendships.

Many executive office suite buildings offer and promote a collaborative business environment that invites networking and socialization. Some building owners even offer tenant promotion through their intranet, website, community bulletin boards, newsletters, and social sites. When visiting potential office buildings, ask if free tenant promotion is available. And above all, be sure the building you choose feels right for you, your goals, and your company’s brand.

To learn more about leasing an executive office suite—or to see The Anderson Group’s full range of commercial properties throughout the Capital Region—contact Susan Touhey at 518-458-7726 or

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Ample Free Workplace Parking: The unsung hero of employee benefits

ample free parking big employee perkFree Workplace Parking. Unless you work in an urban area where it is at a premium—in terms of both availability and expense—you probably take it for granted. And although many don’t consider free workplace parking a “benefit,” it’s  a perk that scores big on employee satisfaction.

If you’re a business owner looking for new office space, it makes good sense to consider properties with accessible, ample parking for your employees. Workplace studies show that availability and cost of parking is an important consideration for many employees. At office properties located in urban areas, where every square foot of space is viewed as potential revenue, parking is an expensive undertaking for your employees, and many commercial landlords make good money off of it.

Ample commercial parking doesn’t just benefit your employees; it also benefits your clients, potential employees, and other office visitors. Circling the block searching for spaces, feeding meters, and renting garage space is inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly.

Parking Expense

In many NY Capital Region business corridors—downtown Albany, Troy and Schenectady among them—parking is a hefty monthly expense. Garages in downtown Albany run anywhere from $11 per day to $140 per month for a month-to-month parking agreement. In Troy, municipal parking lots and garages cost employees $8 per day. In Schenectady, garage parking costs employees $5 a day. It adds up.

If you’re considering downtown markets for your next office location, keep in mind that parking is a line item that can add several dollars per square foot to your annual lease costs. Properties in suburban business corridors, on the other hand, often offer ample surface parking at no expense to the employee and are included in lease rates that are easy on your bottom line.

Parking Safely

Free workplace parking is one thing; safe parking is quite another. When searching for commercial properties with parking, you’ll want to look for parking areas—whether surface parking or garage parking—that are well maintained and built with safety in mind. When you inspect properties for potential business locations, inspect the buildings’ parking facilities, as well, and ask yourself:

  • Is the parking facility near my office building and located in a safe area?
  • Is the asphalt or concrete well maintained and free of debris and potholes?
  • Are parking spaces clearly defined?
  • Is the parking lot or structure well lit? Are lot and perimeter lights in good working order and on at dusk?


To find out how to get office space with ample free workplace parking call Sue Touhey at The Anderson Group (518)458-7726 or email at





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Building a Case for Building Maintenance

5 Reasons to Create a Building Maintenance Plan Today

Think for a moment about owning a building the way you think about owning a car. To get the most mileage out of your vehicle, you must rotate and replace your tires, check and change your oil, and take it in for regular tune-ups. Owning a commercial office building works much the same way. To keep your building a safe, attractive and comfortable place to work, maintenance is key.

So how often should a building owner think about building maintenance? All the time. The fact is, resale values are typically higher for buildings that have been well maintained. And building owners who want to attract and keep long-term tenants invest in building maintenance. Need more reasons to take building maintenance seriously? Here are five:

  1. You can fix minor problems before they become major ones.

This applies to everything from keeping on top of pest control to regularly cleaning roof drains. Neglected drains can clog and lead to costly damage to landscaping, roofs, and interior ceilings and walls. And although insects and rodents may be small, they can affect your bottom line in a big way. The longer you wait to fix small problems, the higher the cost of repairs.

  1. You can extend the life of your property.

Building owners and managers who don’t pay careful attention to ongoing property maintenance risk the premature failing of materials and equipment—from drywall and ceiling tiles to parking lot asphalt and HVAC units. That means inconveniencing tenants by posting “out of order” signs, compromising tenant comfort and productivity, and spending money on avoidable, costly, and disruptive repairs.

  1. You can avoid flushing money down the toilet.

You know that perpetually leaky faucet in the office restroom? It’s costing you money. According to data compiled by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second wastes more than 3,000 gallons of water per year—water you’re paying for. Common, easily correctable leak culprits include worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and leaking valves.

  1. You will put safety first.

As a building owner, keeping your tenants and employees protected and happy is your first priority. That means ensuring that your electrical circuits are safe and unexposed, staying on top of fire alarm and fire extinguisher performance, and making sure your elevators, doors, windows, and ventilation systems are operating efficiently and effectively. It also means providing and maintaining sufficient indoor and outdoor lighting and taking care of building grounds, especially following severe weather.

  1. You’ll start viewing maintenance as a way of life.

To keep on top of building maintenance, prepare a maintenance schedule (for both the exterior and interior of your building), along with a record of building problems and fixes—from repainted walls to repaired electrical circuits. Knowing what’s ahead of—and behind—you will help keep maintenance top of mind and keep your bottom line in tip-top shape.

Don’t have the time to think about building maintenance all the time? Hire a professional building management company. When you do, you’ll have constant access to an in-house point of contact and a company backed by qualified professionals—from electricians and plumbers to painters and landscapers. It’s their job to ensure regular inspection and maintenance of your property to your workplace is always up and running.

Good operational planning and a regular investment in building maintenance are far less expensive and inconvenient than dealing with the consequences of neglect.

Andy Anderson is a partner at The Anderson Group in Albany, NY. To learn about The Anderson Group’s property management services, which include housekeeping, landscaping and grounds maintenance, HVAC services, electrical and plumbing services, and life safety, call Susan Touhey at 518-458-7726 or email


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Bohler Engineering Moves In and Moves Up with The Anderson Group

Bohler Engineering The Anderson Group office space 17 Computer Dr Albany NY

Bohler Engineering is leasing 7,000 sq ft of office space from The Anderson Group at 17 Computer Drive West, Albany NY

Bohler Engineering, a civil engineering firm with offices throughout the northeast, needed new office space to house its thriving—and growing—Albany office.

Chris Boyea, Bohler Engineering’s Albany branch manager, said he was aware of The Anderson Group’s “track record and reputation for providing excellent service to their tenants,” so the firm partnered with The Anderson Group and set off on a search for new space.

 They found it. Four months ago, Bohler Engineering moved to 17 Computer Drive West, an Anderson Group property. Although it wasn’t a big move in terms of distance (they were moving just down the street from their previous office building), Boyea said the move was a big step up in terms of space and growth potential.

17 computer drive, albany ny, wolf road, the anderson group

17 Computer Dr West – offers completely renovated office space and is located right off of Wolf Road in Albany NY

Bohler Engineering, which provides commercial site development and residential land development services for hotels, fast-food restaurants, and retail outlets for major national and local clients, pinpointed location as a key factor in its search for new space. Bohler Engineering’s Albany office staff manages projects across New York State (north of the Tappan Zee Bridge) and throughout Vermont. In addition, its employees hail from counties throughout the Capital Region and depend upon a centralized office location within walking distance of restaurants and shopping.

“We have 14 years under our belt being located off of Wolf Road, and we love the area. We didn’t want to move very far,” Boyea says. “The work we do, the clients we service, and the people we employ depend upon access to Wolf Road, Albany International Airport, and the major highways. This is where we need to be.”

Bohler’s new office, totaling more than 7,000 square feet (an increase of 3,500 square feet over its previous office space), is made up of individual offices and open spaces designed for employee collaboration and staff meetings.

“Our new office gives us the perfect amount of space for now, plus some growing room—whether it’s in our existing building or somewhere else in The Anderson Group’s portfolio,” Boyea said. “We already took the step of putting down options on future-growth space with The Anderson Group.”

Boyea said The Anderson Group worked hand-in-hand with Bohler and its interior design team prior to and during move-in. He said he was also impressed with the leasing process, calling it “straightforward and seamless.” And he is quick to add that The Anderson Group’s attention to detail and responsive service doesn’t end when the lease is signed.

“Quality and follow through are the words that come to mind when I think of The Anderson Group. If they say they are going to do something, they do it,” Boyea said. “The staff is polite, and the upkeep is great. They are in it for the long haul, and they give us the professional image we want to project.”


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