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The Anderson Group First Albany Commercial Office Space and Property Management Company to Complete Certification in NYSERDA HVAC Business Partners Program

NYSERDA logo(Albany, NY) – The Anderson Group LLC announced today that it is the first commercial office space and property management company in the Albany, NY area to be successfully participating in the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Business Partner program. This program supports commercial and industrial, building owners by increasing the energy efficiency of their HVAC systems while also providing several non-energy benefits, such as comfort, improved air quality, and cost management.

The Anderson Group’s managing partner Andy Anderson explained, “We’re investing heavily in the two biggest drivers of utility costs – HVAC systems and lighting. Utilizing available energy efficient lighting and HVAC saves energy, reduces cost and helps us run our office buildings more efficiently. Becoming a business partner with NYSERDA provides us with the diagnostic tools and quality maintenance standard that assures facilities are operating at peak performance while improving the bottom line.”

Anderson stated that it has already completed diagnostics and maintenance on 60 of its older 200 HVAC units, following the ASHRAE/ACCA Quality Maintenance standards with diagnostic testing as supported by NYSERDA. Two Anderson employees, George Kagel and Dave Eck, completed the training for the certification program earlier this year and now use the specialized equipment and standards to monitor and repair Anderson’s HVAC units. They also provide the testing service to tenants and other businesses that take advantage of Anderson’s property management services.

“We’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars putting new high efficiency HVAC units in many of our buildings,” said Anderson. “And for HVAC units that don’t yet need replacement, we’re also realizing big savings through participation in this NYSERDA program. The specialized diagnostics tell us exactly what we need to do to keep them running at maximum efficiency. We’re seeing significant utility cost savings and air quality improvements from this program.”

According to the NYSERDA HVAC Partners Program website, trained and qualified participating technicians follow the ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 for Quality Maintenance, a comprehensive inspection and maintenance task list, to provide the industry-recommended correct steps and procedures for maintenance service. With the use of an advanced handheld diagnostic tool, technicians can more accurately read and correct such things as airflow and refrigerant charge. This full service maintenance program can save business owners upwards of 15 and 25 percent of energy cost per rooftop unit, depending on the unit’s existing condition.

The Anderson Group LLC offers premiere commercial office space at outstanding locations in Albany, NY. Experts in office space efficiency, productivity, and profitability, Anderson also offers the free Smart Office Audit to businesses interested in optimizing their office operations and lowering occupancy costs ( The Anderson Group’s full services include commercial property management, property development, and brokerage services. Popular executive suites with flexible leases for smaller firms are also available. Founded in 1966, The Anderson Group today has become the New York Capital Region’s most respected authority on creating work communities that are productive and efficient. For more information, visit or call 518 458-7726.

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