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Microburst Lands in Colonie

A microburst — a localized, very intense downward gust of wind — landed in the Town of Colonie Tuesday afternoon around 2:00 p.m.

Tree 1

Fallen tree right after the storm

A National Weather Service Team verified the microburst, and noted that it was centered at the corner of Wolf Road and Computer Drive West.  Due to winds that were estimated at 85 miles per hour, The Anderson Group’s office building at 125 Wolf Road lost three large trees during the storm.  The trees were over 40 years old, and each stood 40 – 60 feet tall. The building suffered no structural damage, however a large portion of the Wolf Road Business District lost electrical power for over an hour.

A large uprooted evergreen.

For safety reasons, three additional trees that were partially uprooted had to be removed from the property.  Anderson Group employees, with the help of Haslam Tree Service, removed them before lunch the following day.

Three additional trees were removed for safety reasons

See additional photos here:

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