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Energy Efficiency Improvements in The Anderson Group’s Office Buildings Return Big Savings

The Anderson Group is investing heavily in energy efficiency with a three-year long initiative that includes upgrades to all of its buildings to achieve optimum productivity.

In the process, they’ve developed tremendous in-house expertise that they are  sharing with office space tenants and commercial brokers. The program is young but they have already seen big returns on their investment in the form of reduced energy usage, significant cost savings and greater comfort for the people who work in The Anderson Group buildings.

“The Anderson Group understands the unique needs of businesses and that a company’s office environment can directly impact their business productivity and profitability. Our goal is to help company’s lower occupancy costs while providing a high-functioning workspace. The energy efficiency program is one way we are achieving this goal,” said Andy Anderson, managing partner of the Anderson Group.

Roofing, Lighting, and HVAC
The energy efficiency program is being implemented across all of The Anderson Group properties. “This is not a one time program it is an ongoing process of continual improvements and investments to assure we are tapping the most energy efficient and cost effective options,” said Anderson. Some of the highlights of the program include:

  • Installing energy-efficient roofing systems on properties
  • Retrofitting fluorescent fixtures and installing LED lights
  • Putting new high efficiency HVAC units in buildings
  • Using the maintenance standards of the NYSERDA Business Partner program to improve HVAC monitoring and maintenance procedures
  • Ensuring optimum air quality for our tenants with improved HVAC systems

“The bottom line is that The Anderson Group is spending millions of dollars to make the necessary investments to improve energy efficiencies and reduce overall occupancy costs for its tenants. We’re taking energy efficiency to new levels to ensure that we help our tenants save money and create a more efficient workspace,” said Anderson.

For more information about creating energy efficiencies for your office space, consider taking a free Smart Office Audit.

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