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5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes East Coast

ALBANY – At approximately 1:50 p.m. on Tuesday, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck the East Coast.  Centered in Virginia, approximately 80 miles from Washington D.C., the quake could be felt from Toronto to Atlanta, forcing evacuations of several buildings in all cities in-between.  There were no immediate reports of injuries in any city,  including here in Albany.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the quake was a half-mile deep, centered in Louisa, Virginia, northwest of Richmond.  Following the quake, many areas reported poor cell phone service due to overwhleming congestion of networks, however there were no reports of damaged or downed towers.

Control towers at JFK International Airport in New York City were evacuated, as well as at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey, while flights were delayed and remained grounded at other nearby airports, including Washington National, Washington Dulles, and Philadelphia.  Inspections of towers and runways were promptly conducted by authorities following the quake.

There were no reports of other earthquakes or aftershocks.

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