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125 Wolf Road Lighting Upgrades

The Anderson Group is pleased to announce that beginning in February 2012, we will be taking steps forward to improve lighting and efficiency throughout our building at 125 Wolf Road. In an effort to save costs, as well as become a greener, more sustainable building, we will be replacing the current three-lamp traditional T8 fixtures with Lithonia Relight RT5R fixtures. These fixtures will allow for a noticeable improvement in how your office looks and feels.

Buildings Magazine selected the Lithonia Relight to be included in their Top 100 Products annual listing, and highlighted the value of replacing old fixtures with more efficient solutions:

With the RT5 relight solution from Lithonia, an existing building can experience improved lighting quality, a rejuvenated appearance, and reduced energy consumption (by up to 60 percent) without a major retrofit. RT5 relight fixtures also eliminate harsh shadows created by parabolics, offering uniform, comfortable lighting for building occupants. With this relighting solution, existing buildings can now achieve the same quality, performance, and energy savings associated with RT5 volumetric lighting – without replacing the entire lighting system.

In order to minimize disruption to your business, we will be scheduling all lighting replacements to occur during off hours, with Anderson staff, and we will be contacting you when we plan to retrofit your current fixtures. We hope that you will find these upgrades beneficial to your business, and we look forward to implementing positive changes for both you and the environment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Willard Anderson at 518-458-7726.

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For more information on the new Lithonia fixtures, please click here.


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