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Q: What is the difference between usable square feet and rentable square feet?

A: Usable Square Feet (USF) is the actual footprint of the space you are leasing. Rentable Square Feet (RSF) is your USF plus your proportionate percentage of all common areas (i.e., lobby, common corridors, stairwells, restrooms, etc.). This combined square footage serves as the basis for your “per square foot” charge.

Q: What if a particular space doesn’t meet my exact needs?

A: Very rarely does an existing space meet the needs of a new tenant. The Anderson Group plans, bids, and manages the entire construction process to achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings for our tenants.

Q: Who pays for space planning and interior design?

A: We have available in-house space planning and interior design personnel, in which the cost of each service is covered by the landlord.

Q: Who is responsible for maintenance and housekeeping?

A: The Anderson Group has its own in-house housekeeping and maintenance staff. Our dedicated managers, technicians, cleaners and service workers are available 24 hours a day to meet any contingency that arises. Prompt responses to any housekeeping or maintenance issue can be attained through the use of our web-based tenant portal. All general housekeeping and maintenance costs are included in your base rent.

Q: Who pays the broker’s commission on an office lease?

A: In most cases the landlord is responsible for paying a broker’s commission.

Q: How do you bill for electricity, insurance, taxes etc?

A: For all of our Executive Suites and most of our smaller spaces; electricity, taxes, maintenance and housekeeping are included in one “gross” figure. Larger spaces are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Q: How do I access my unit after hours?

A: All buildings are accessible after hours by way of an access card or office key.

Q: What do I do if I need to put in a work order?

A: Work orders can be requested through the website tenant portal @ or by calling our offices at (518) 458-7726.

Q: What do I do if the power goes out?

A: If the power goes out please contact our management office (518) 458-7726 or through the website’s tenant portal. In most cases the power outage is a wider National Grid issue and we will contact the utility on behalf of the tenant.

Q: Can I cancel a lease? If so, how much notice is required?

A: Our Executive Suites and smaller offices can be rented for terms as short as a year. With a one year lease there is no provision to cancel. However, with two-year leases, the tenant is afforded the option to cancel with 90 days written notice. Larger spaces present more complex issues and focused lease negotiations. In these instances, lease cancellations and notices are negotiated on case by case basis.

Q: Where is the management office?

A: 125 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12205
(518) 458-7726

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