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Ample Free Workplace Parking: The unsung hero of employee benefits

ample free parking big employee perkFree Workplace Parking. Unless you work in an urban area where it is at a premium—in terms of both availability and expense—you probably take it for granted. And although many don’t consider free workplace parking a “benefit,” it’s  a perk that scores big on employee satisfaction.

If you’re a business owner looking for new office space, it makes good sense to consider properties with accessible, ample parking for your employees. Workplace studies show that availability and cost of parking is an important consideration for many employees. At office properties located in urban areas, where every square foot of space is viewed as potential revenue, parking is an expensive undertaking for your employees, and many commercial landlords make good money off of it.

Ample commercial parking doesn’t just benefit your employees; it also benefits your clients, potential employees, and other office visitors. Circling the block searching for spaces, feeding meters, and renting garage space is inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly.

Parking Expense

In many NY Capital Region business corridors—downtown Albany, Troy and Schenectady among them—parking is a hefty monthly expense. Garages in downtown Albany run anywhere from $11 per day to $140 per month for a month-to-month parking agreement. In Troy, municipal parking lots and garages cost employees $8 per day. In Schenectady, garage parking costs employees $5 a day. It adds up.

If you’re considering downtown markets for your next office location, keep in mind that parking is a line item that can add several dollars per square foot to your annual lease costs. Properties in suburban business corridors, on the other hand, often offer ample surface parking at no expense to the employee and are included in lease rates that are easy on your bottom line.

Parking Safely

Free workplace parking is one thing; safe parking is quite another. When searching for commercial properties with parking, you’ll want to look for parking areas—whether surface parking or garage parking—that are well maintained and built with safety in mind. When you inspect properties for potential business locations, inspect the buildings’ parking facilities, as well, and ask yourself:

  • Is the parking facility near my office building and located in a safe area?
  • Is the asphalt or concrete well maintained and free of debris and potholes?
  • Are parking spaces clearly defined?
  • Is the parking lot or structure well lit? Are lot and perimeter lights in good working order and on at dusk?


To find out how to get office space with ample free workplace parking call Sue Touhey at The Anderson Group (518)458-7726 or email at





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