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Wishing Nothing but Success for Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes New bakery opens on Wolf Road

When Melissa Gleason began her professional career, she was a business analyst for ADT Security before transitioning to the New York State Department of Criminal Justice. Then, after a decade of being a stay-at-home mom, Gleason decided to get down to business – her own business.

Now the owner/operator of New York state’s first and only Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise, located at 110 Wolf Road in Albany, Gleason says she excited about the opportunity the future holds. She also says the decision to buy and operate a franchise location has been a labor of love and an exercise in patience.

The fact is, just a few short years ago, Gleason wasn’t aware of Nothing Bundt Cakes. That is, until her in-laws in Baton Rouge, Louisiana told her about it. Her husband’s family loved the cakes so much that they shipped one to her home in Clifton Park so they could try it. Her family loved it, and Gleason began doing some research. She says she thought about opening a franchise for a year, then took two years to get paperwork and other logistics in place.

“I saw there wasn’t a franchise in New York. Ours is the first one and it’s a test market,” Gleason says. “Down south and out west, Nothing Bundt Cakes franchises have lines out the doors. People know the brand and the reputation is there.”

She says people who moved here from the south, California and Texas have already called and emailed her asking when the Albany location is open.

Gleason manages a full staff of bakers, frosters and decorators, while she handles marketing and getting as many cake samples as she can in the hands and mouths of Capital Region workers and residents.

Nothing Bundt Cake’s Albany location opened on Saturday, September 9. An official ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on Thursday, September 28 at 10 a.m., with a grand opening on Friday, September 29 from 5-7 p.m. featuring free cake samples and wine. To round out the festivities, the bakery will hold a Cake-A-Palooza on Saturday, September 30, featuring cake samples, as well as free mini bundt cakes for a year for the first 50 customers (visit website for event details).

When it came to finding the perfect retail space for her franchise, Gleason says she owes all the credit to Nothing Bundt Cake’s corporate real estate group, which takes special care to ensure its franchises have “protected territory” based upon the company’s target customer demographics.

“I love our location on Wolf Road. Our business demographics show that we get a daytime population within a one-to-three-mile radius, which includes Corporate Woods, SUNY and other busy corridors,” Gleason says. “The little bubble that is Albany keeps everything pretty close.”

She says that although the original space at 110 Wolf Road, owned and managed by The Anderson Group, was larger than she needed, The Anderson Group was accommodating and nearly halved the space from 4,000 square feet to 2,006 square feet.

“The people at The Anderson Group have been fantastic,” Gleason says. “They take care of any and every little problem, from a cracked window to water damage. They’re responsive, smart and helpful.”

Learn more about Albany’s Nothing Bundt Cakes.

To learn more about The Anderson Group’s portfolio of retail and commercial office space, contact Susan Touhey at 518-458-7726 or



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Making a Quick Office Space Move

office space albany nyOne facility manager’s tale.

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re a facilities manager for the Albany, NY office of an international provider of financial services technology solutions. Now let’s imagine that you have a week to find a new office space that not only accommodates your employees, but also meets strict security and data-protection standards. Sounds daunting, right?

That’s what happened after Broadridge Financial Solutions (Broadridge) purchased DST Systems’ North American Customer Communications Division. Competition between the two companies made sharing office space, networks and phone lines an impossibility. So Broadridge had to find new office space…fast.

Finding new space quickly was further complicated by a host of technical and security issues that needed to be addressed prior to employees moving in. The new Broadridge space needed to be outfitted with a secure network, cable, fiber optics, swipe-card readers and new door locks.

So Broadridge, headquartered in New Jersey, gratefully accepted Joe Gunther’s offer to find the company new office space. Gunther is a lifelong Capital Region resident and a system administrator/facilities manager in Broadridge’s Albany, NY office.

Through word of mouth, Gunther found The Anderson Group and gave them a call. The very next day, he was looking at office space on Madison Avenue Extension in Albany, NY. He says he knew right away that the office building was a perfect fit in terms of size, immediate availability and close proximity to the company’s former office building.

“The Anderson Group gave me access to the building right away so I could get measurements and layouts and get contractors and tech vendors in for estimates,” Gunther says. “There was such a feeling of trust, commitment and flexibility. I never got a ‘no’ from them on anything I asked. It was nice to know that the last thing I needed to worry about was my landlord.”

In addition, Gunther said he thought he needed more space than he actually did. It was The Anderson Group that advised on square footage based on the company’s very specific needs.

“Anderson was able to meet our needs and save us money. They also worked with us on flexible lease terms that met our company’s strict guidelines,” Gunther says.

Broadridge now calls 28 Madison Avenue Extension, Albany, NY, located in the historic Pine Bush Preserve, home. Its employees moved into their new Albany office in February, a full week ahead of schedule.

“The Anderson Group’s crew took care of everything. Basically, we had to pick up the stuff on our desks and move right in. Our secure network was up, and our cubicles were moved in. When our people arrived on Monday, they were working,” Gunther says. “On Day One, all of our security systems were in place.”

Gunther says although making a quick corporate office move can be stressful, it’s far easier when you find a real estate partner not only capable of helping you find a new space, but also with the resources and expertise to make sure you have what you need when you need it.

“Ours was a complex move because of very strict technical aspects. Some people thought there was no way we’d be able to pull it off in such a short timeframe,” Gunther says. “Working with The Anderson Group, not only did we pull it off, it was smooth and extremely easy. If I ever had to do this again, they would be my first call.”

Andy Anderson, partner at The Anderson Group, says that’s the kind of experience they’re known for.

“There’s an old adage about things ‘moving at the speed of business.’ We know that every day a business is down is a day the business loses money,” Anderson says. “Our goal is to make finding and moving into office space as efficient and worry-free as possible. We’re very happy that Broadridge put their trust in us and that they are happy in their new location.”

The Anderson Group helps keep your business running. For information about commercial property management services or available commercial properties in our portfolio, contact Susan Touhey at 518-458-7726 or


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An Office Space of Their Own

Office Space

John Graziano, president of Capitol Hill Management Services, Inc.

Capitol Hill Management Services Finds the Perfect Fit with The Anderson Group

After seven years at his company’s Western Avenue, Albany, NY location, John Graziano, president of Capitol Hill Management Services, Inc., decided it was time for his firm to spread its wings.

“We had about 5,000 square feet of office space, and I was looking for more. I also wanted the ability to design our office space to meet our needs,” he says.

He spent a few years searching for a building he could buy, but he was unable to find one that checked off all the boxes. So, he turned to The Anderson Group.

Now settled into his new 10,500-square-foot office space at 230 Washington Avenue Extension in Albany, NY, Graziano says his company has found its home. The office currently houses 32 employees with plenty of room to grow.

“The Anderson Group redid our office space to our specifications and their staff worked seamlessly with our staff and contractors to make sure it’s exactly what we need,” Graziano says.

He and his employees are also pleased with the new office’s location, providing an easy commute to the airport and downtown Albany. In addition, he says the office is now centrally located for his employees.

“The whole process was great,” he says. “There were no problems.”

Susan Touhey, managing partner at The Anderson Group, says they work hard to ensure just that.

“We want our tenants’ office space to meet their needs over the entirety of their lease,” Touhey says, “It’s about building positive working relationships from Day One.”

Capitol Hill Management Services, Inc., an association management and government affairs firm, provides an array of professional services for more than 50 state, national and international organizations.

To learn more about The Anderson Group’s portfolio of available commercial properties, contact Susan Touhey at 518-458-7726 or




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How Do You Take Care of a Spotted Zebra? Ask The Anderson Group Property Management Co.

The Spotted Zebra wanted to run its center not worry about property management.

The Spotted Zebra Learning Center is a state-of-the-art, year-round, preschool program designed to prepare children of all abilities for kindergarten and the state’s high learning standards. The learning center and its programs, formerly located on Kross Keys Drive in Albany, became so popular that they simply ran out of room. So executive director, Sheri Townsend, began the search for a larger facility.

property management

Back: Jane Schulke, bookkeeper; Jason Ford, activities coordinator; Matthew Ryan, director of programs
Front: Sheri Townsend, executive director; Shannon Harmon, director of special education programs

In 2013, the organization found one, purchasing the building at 26 Computer Drive, just off of Wolf Road. In doing so, the learning center increased its usable space from 4,000 square feet to 12,000 square feet.

“Our new building is three times the size of our old one,” Townsend says. “It gives us an opportunity to grow our services and meet our families’ and community’s needs.”

She says their old space was near a very busy road. The new space, however, has a yard for children to play in and is located on a dead end that abuts a quiet, residential neighborhood. Townsend says she likes that their location on Computer Drive makes the facility more centrally located to major highways. The Spotted Zebra draws students from around the Capital Region, from a 25-mile radius throughout the Capital Region.

And although The Spotted Zebra owns their building, they turn to The Anderson Group to manage it. The Anderson Group provides The Spotted Zebra with everything from housekeeping services and grounds maintenance to HVAC, electrical and plumbing services.

“We shopped around when we were searching for a property management company. As an agency, we need to follow the three-bid rule,” Townsend explains. “We put out a request for proposals. The Anderson Group’s proposal was the most comprehensive, and all of their client feedback was positive.”

As property managers, Townsend says The Anderson Group goes above and beyond.

“The Anderson Group is responsive morning, noon and night. Whenever I send an email or text, they respond immediately. Whenever we have an emergency issue, they are here very quickly,” Townsend says. “They are very meticulous. We are never left un-served.”

For more information about The Spotted Zebra Learning Center, visit their website or call (518) 438-4800. For more information about The Anderson Group’s property management services, contact Susan Touhey at 518-458-7726 or




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Meeting the Needs of the Millennial Workforce: A Primer

One in three American workers are Millennials (adults born between 1980 and 2000 and aged 19 to 35 in 2016). According to a Pew Research Center analysis, Millennials comprise the largest share of the American workforce.

Haven’t noticed? You will. By 2030, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. And with them come some major changes to the workplace—both in terms of how an office looks and functions. Attending to these Millennials’ needs will be key to attracting and retaining them and ensuring your company’s future success.

Understanding Millennials: Not business as usual


Millennial Entrepreneur –  Michael DiPiazza Founder and Owner of JAD95, LLC. Office located at 125 Wolf Rd., Albany, NY.

Gone are the days of hiring a young professional who retires from your company decades later. Millennials typically stay in job for two years. The reason is twofold: 1) Millennials are an entrepreneurial generation willing to build their own ladder if they can’t climb yours, and 2) Millennials simply won’t stay in a job that doesn’t meet their needs and expectations.

Bentley University’s Center for Women & Business conducted a survey of 1,000 college-educated Millennials and found that Millennials “want to work hard, but they also want to work different.”

Say Goodbye to the Corner Office

If you haven’t heard about Google’s and Facebook’s offices, let us fill you in: nap pods, game rooms, all-you-can-eat cafeterias, and climbing walls. If you’re running a small business, these perks may be out of the question.

But if you think a fancy corner office is going to inspire legions of Millennials to rise from the cube farm and sit behind a big oak desk, think again. Millennials view such office constructs as old fashioned, non-collaborative, and inhibitive to creativity and information sharing. One fix is open office space.

According to the International Facility Management Association, 70% of offices had open layouts in 2015. It’s not surprising. Studies show that Millennials feel most comfortable in collaborative, uncluttered environments where they aren’t tethered to desks by cords and hard drives. Jonathan Webb, workplace strategist and vice president of KI Furniture, says companies that attract the best and brightest Millennials design offices that “emphasize sharing ideas, socializing, and treating workers equally.”

That means the corner office—and the partitioned cubicles all around it—represent unapproachable management and a major impediment to the free flow of important information. Lindsey Pollak, a leading voice on Millennials in the workplace, says Millennials “don’t equate space with worth” but rather “value flexibility and common areas that are set up for specific tasks rather than specific people.” Studies also show that Millennials like casual workspaces that remind them of college or home.

Michael DiPiazza, founder and owner of JAD 95, LLC, a dotcom company with offices at 125 Wolf Road in Albany, says the first thing he did upon moving into his new office was to hang a 60-inch flat screen television on the wall.

Remote Control

Employee requests to work from home used to make managers cringe. But advances in mobile technology have made working from home—or the coffee shop, airport, or anyplace with Wi-Fi—mainstream. According to a study conducted by oDesk and Future Workplace, 92% of Millennials want to work remotely, and 87% don’t want a typical 9-to-5 workday.

“Many Millennials would rather work from home than receive higher salaries. They value work life integration, not separation like older generations,” says Dan Schawbel, partner and research director at Future Workplace, in an article for Forbes.

DiPiazza, who is on the cusp of the Millennial generation at age 36, agrees.

“In my line of work, I jump around a lot. Today’s jobs don’t necessarily fit into that old 9-to-5 lifestyle,” DiPiazza says. “I worked hard for years to never have to report to an office 40 hours a week again. My days of sitting in an office all day are over.

But this penchant for remote access doesn’t rule out the need for a brick-and-mortar office. This is, after all, a social generation. To Millennials, an office serves as a touchstone, a place to check in and be part of a “work family.” Your company may need to loosen the reins to show that you support this new workforce mobility in order to be more attractive to Millennial workers.

“I have a start-up, and I need a home base,” DiPiazza says. “I like to get up and go to the office. When I get to the office, I know it’s game time.”

Embrace Technology

Millennials never experienced professional life without the Internet. It bears repeating. Millennials never experienced professional life without the Internet.

A study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Millennials at Work:

Reshaping the Workplace, states, “This is the first generation to enter the workplace with a better grasp of a key business tool than more senior workers.” That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because you and your company ultimately benefit.

The bad thing, notes the PricewaterhouseCoopers study, is that 46% of Millennials surveyed believe their bosses don’t understand the way they use technology in their work. It’s not entitlement; it’s that those clunky desktop monitors and pool of shared cell phones simply don’t cut it in this day and age. Today’s world is mobile, fueled by technology, and requires instant access to information for everybody. That translates into a heavy demand for technology—and employees who not only know how to use it, but how to harness its power for the good of your company.

For his part, DiPiazza is scouting his company’s future talent through career development offices at local colleges and universities.

“The combination of youth and technology is key,” DiPiazza says. “Today’s college graduates have a passion and technical skills that are difficult to find elsewhere.”

Get on Board

By all accounts, Millennials are hard workers. If your company is willing to offer engaging, flexible, creative work environments that meet their needs, you can expect great things from them. But don’t get too comfortable…you’ll be hiring Generation Z before you know it.


Ready to find or create Millennial-friendly office space? Contact Susan Touhey at 518-458-7726 or




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