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Making a Quick Office Space Move

office space albany nyOne facility manager’s tale.

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re a facilities manager for the Albany, NY office of an international provider of financial services technology solutions. Now let’s imagine that you have a week to find a new office space that not only accommodates your employees, but also meets strict security and data-protection standards. Sounds daunting, right?

That’s what happened after Broadridge Financial Solutions (Broadridge) purchased DST Systems’ North American Customer Communications Division. Competition between the two companies made sharing office space, networks and phone lines an impossibility. So Broadridge had to find new office space…fast.

Finding new space quickly was further complicated by a host of technical and security issues that needed to be addressed prior to employees moving in. The new Broadridge space needed to be outfitted with a secure network, cable, fiber optics, swipe-card readers and new door locks.

So Broadridge, headquartered in New Jersey, gratefully accepted Joe Gunther’s offer to find the company new office space. Gunther is a lifelong Capital Region resident and a system administrator/facilities manager in Broadridge’s Albany, NY office.

Through word of mouth, Gunther found The Anderson Group and gave them a call. The very next day, he was looking at office space on Madison Avenue Extension in Albany, NY. He says he knew right away that the office building was a perfect fit in terms of size, immediate availability and close proximity to the company’s former office building.

“The Anderson Group gave me access to the building right away so I could get measurements and layouts and get contractors and tech vendors in for estimates,” Gunther says. “There was such a feeling of trust, commitment and flexibility. I never got a ‘no’ from them on anything I asked. It was nice to know that the last thing I needed to worry about was my landlord.”

In addition, Gunther said he thought he needed more space than he actually did. It was The Anderson Group that advised on square footage based on the company’s very specific needs.

“Anderson was able to meet our needs and save us money. They also worked with us on flexible lease terms that met our company’s strict guidelines,” Gunther says.

Broadridge now calls 28 Madison Avenue Extension, Albany, NY, located in the historic Pine Bush Preserve, home. Its employees moved into their new Albany office in February, a full week ahead of schedule.

“The Anderson Group’s crew took care of everything. Basically, we had to pick up the stuff on our desks and move right in. Our secure network was up, and our cubicles were moved in. When our people arrived on Monday, they were working,” Gunther says. “On Day One, all of our security systems were in place.”

Gunther says although making a quick corporate office move can be stressful, it’s far easier when you find a real estate partner not only capable of helping you find a new space, but also with the resources and expertise to make sure you have what you need when you need it.

“Ours was a complex move because of very strict technical aspects. Some people thought there was no way we’d be able to pull it off in such a short timeframe,” Gunther says. “Working with The Anderson Group, not only did we pull it off, it was smooth and extremely easy. If I ever had to do this again, they would be my first call.”

Andy Anderson, partner at The Anderson Group, says that’s the kind of experience they’re known for.

“There’s an old adage about things ‘moving at the speed of business.’ We know that every day a business is down is a day the business loses money,” Anderson says. “Our goal is to make finding and moving into office space as efficient and worry-free as possible. We’re very happy that Broadridge put their trust in us and that they are happy in their new location.”

The Anderson Group helps keep your business running. For information about commercial property management services or available commercial properties in our portfolio, contact Susan Touhey at 518-458-7726 or


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What does your landscaping say about your business?

what does your landscpaing say about your business

Poor landscaping reflects on your business.

We’ve all heard the adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” but that’s not entirely true. When you pull up to a business with an overgrown lawn, damaged pavement or unruly shrubs strewn with litter, you’ve judged…and you’ve likely judged correctly.

When you own or run a business, first impressions go far beyond a friendly receptionist and professional décor. They start the minute your customers drive up to your building and get out of their cars—or the minute potential customers drive past and notice your building. What does your building say to visitors and passers-by? If you’re on top of your commercial landscaping, it says “professional,” “doing well,” and “proud.” If landscaping and property maintenance aren’t on your radar, you might be telling customers all the wrong things.

“Your customers’ first impression of your business can also be their last,” says Dave Eck, maintenance manager at The Anderson Group. “Nice landscaping and clean grounds can be an indirect statement about your company’s attention to detail,” says Eck.

External Affairs

Property maintenance is more than running a vacuum and repairing a leaky roof. It’s also taking care of your property on the outside…year round. It can be a full-time job, as each season brings its own challenges. In the winter, you need to be sure your walkways and parking lots are clear of ice and snow. In the spring, you’ll be cleaning up sticks, leaves and other debris, as well as weeding, planting, and mulching. Summer brings endless outdoor responsibilities, from fertilization and irrigation, to weeding, pruning and insect and disease control. And fall? That means cutting back perennials, raking and preparing your landscaping for winter.

An attractive landscape plan doesn’t need to involve a truckload of gardeners and a bottomless bank account, but it will be a labor of love well worth the time and investment. A neat landscape not only beautifies your business, but it can also contribute to employee and visitor safety when it comes to nicely paved surfaces and proper lighting.

Think Outside the Box

Own your own building? If you have the time to install and maintain your commercial landscaping yourself, great! Many landscaping professionals do, however, recommend investing in a professional plan to ensure that the selected plants, shrubs, trees and flowers work with your soil type and sun/shade ratio. A professional plan can also help you figure out which plant types and colors complement your building, signage, and desired maintenance schedule.

Don’t have time to handle landscaping plans and maintenance yourself? Source qualified landscapers with commercial landscaping experience from local nurseries and garden centers. Most offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance plans as well as landscape planning and installation.

Last but not least, if you rent or lease space in a commercial building, talk to your landlord or property management company if your building’s landscaping isn’t up to par. but also attract more tenants to their buildings.

“Good property management companies and building owners recognize that first impressions make for happy tenants, not only in terms of tenant morale, but also in terms of attracting customers to their businesses,” Eck says. “Those first impressions also attract new tenants to the building. Attractive and well-maintained landscaping is a win for everyone involved.”



The Anderson Group helps keep your small business in great shape. For information about available commercial properties in our portfolio, contact Susan Touhey at 518-458-7726 or



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The Albany Pine Bush Offers Tenants Far More than Office Space

For Delaware Engineering, PC, The Anderson Group’s commercial office space properties on Madison Avenue Extension offer the best of both worlds: a location with convenient access to major roads and highways that is tucked away in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, one of the nation’s most unique and endangered natural communities. (And recently designated a National Natural Landmark by the U.S. Department of Interior.)

From right to left: Larry Rogers, president of Delaware Engineering, Susan Olivares, Office Manager and two part time employees

From right to left: Larry Rogers, president of Delaware Engineering, Susan Olivares, Office Manager and two part time employees


“We never set out with the idea that we’d find a place next to the Pine Bush, but when we found this office location, the Pine Bush did factor into our decision to lease here,” says Lawrence Rogers, P.E., president of Delaware Engineering.


Delaware Engineering, a leading provider of water, sewer, environmental, and municipal engineering services, takes matters of environmental protection seriously—on and off the clock. So it should come as no surprise that Rogers and his colleagues take year-round advantage of their Pine Bush office location. During lunchtime, and before or after work, you’ll find Delaware Engineering employees walking, jogging, snowshoeing and cross-county skiing the Pine Bush’s nearly 18 miles of marked, multiple-use trails. Rogers says he keeps his snowshoes ready and waiting behind his office door.


The Delaware Engineering team also enjoys eating lunch and barbequing on their patio, which overlooks the Pine Bush Preserve. And its employees make sure to keep their bird feeders filled—a detail that doesn’t go unnoticed by many of the preserve’s more than 90 bird species. (The Albany Pine Bush is a designated New York State Bird Conservation Area.)


The firm’s manager of corporate operations, John Brust, even serves on the Pine Bush Commission, a public/private partnership that works with landowners and municipal, state, federal and others to protect, restore and manage the Albany Pine Bush’s natural and cultural resources.


But Rogers is quick to point out that his company’s Pine Bush office location suits them for more reasons than proximity to the Pine Bush alone. “There’s more to this location than just heading out and hitting the trails,” says Rogers.


Since moving into 28 Madison Avenue Extension in 1998, Delaware Engineering has grown from an office of 10 people to one with more than 50 professionals spread throughout their Albany, Oneonta, and Walton, New York office locations. Rogers said The Anderson Group ensured that their Albany office space was “move-in ready” so the growing firm could hit the ground running. He said The Anderson Group was also flexible and responsive to their space needs, enabling Delaware Engineering to expand its space as the company itself expanded.


And although some companies prefer to be located on busy, heavily trafficked corridors, Rogers said that he and his colleagues are happy to be somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle.


“We like that we’re not located right in the middle of downtown or on a busy road. We have lots of parking right outside our door, and we’re close enough to Western Avenue, Central Avenue, and Washington Avenue Extension that we can get where we need to go quickly and easily,” Rogers says. “We serve a lot of surrounding communities, including the Towns of Guilderland, Bethlehem, and Colonie, so our location is perfect for accessing our client base.”


As for the company’s long-term plans, Rogers says they have no intention of leaving their Pine Bush location anytime soon.


“The Anderson Group provides us with a great property, and they are very responsive to all of our needs, which is extremely important to us,” Rogers says. “They don’t mess around, and they keep this place in great shape.”


For more information about The Anderson Group’s Albany Pine Bush properties at Madison Avenue Extension, call 518.458.7726 or email

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